Group Training
Pupil Accounting Forms


PDF DocumentCount Dates 2017-2018


District Level:

Excel DocumentDesk Audit Checklist-District Level

Excel DocumentLocal District Planning Form

Excel DocumentCalendar 2017-2018 Days & Hours 

Excel DocumentSAMPLE Calendar Days & Hours (for your reference)

External LinkWorksheet B's should be printed from EdPlan

Building Level:

Excel DocumentDesk Audit Checklist-Elementary

Excel DocumentCount Day Absence Form-Elementary

Excel DocumentDesk Audit Checklist-Middle School, High School & Alternative Education

Excel DocumentCount Day Absence Form-Middle School/High School

Excel DocumentVerification Form 

Population III Students (Building Level):

Word DocumentPopulation III Checklist  

Forms for each of the Population III categories can be found at the MPAAA website (Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Association).  

One form for each Pop III category is required.  Please follow link above for the most current forms.

The following forms are not available from MPAAA but might also be helpful:

Excel DocumentBirth Certificate Verification

Excel DocumentDual Enrollment List

Excel DocumentExperiential Learning Pupil List

Word Document Proof of Age Affidavit

Excel DocumentSplit Schedule List of Pupils

Excel DocumentHome School Report