Pupil Accounting Forms

Excel DocumentCalendar 2016-2017 Days & Hours                      Excel DocumentSAMPLE Calendar Days & Hours

Excel DocumentCooperative Education

PDF DocumentCount Dates 2016-2017

Excel DocumentCount Day Absence Form-Elementary

Excel DocumentCount Day Absence Form-Middle School/High School

Excel DocumentDesk Audit Checklist-District Level

Excel DocumentDesk Audit Checklist-Elementary

Excel DocumentDesk Audit Checklist-Middle School, High School & Alternative Education

PDF DocumentDesk Audit Program

Excel DocumentDual Enrollment List

Excel DocumentEarly/Middle College Pupil List

Excel DocumentExpanded Online Learning (21f)

Excel DocumentExperiential Learning Pupil List

PDF DocumentField Audit Procedure

Excel DocumentHome School Report

Excel DocumentHome Based Pupil List

Excel DocumentHome Based Educational Services - Teacher Log

Excel DocumentHomebound/Hospitalized Pupil List

Excel DocumentHomebound/Hospitalized Educational Services - Teacher Log

Excel DocumentLocal District Planning Form (REQUIRED)

Excel DocumentNon-Public Shared Time Pupils and Home Schooled Pupil List (At Public School)

Excel DocumentNon-Public Shared Time Pupils and Home Schooled Pupil List (At Non-Public Site)

Excel DocumentNon-Public Shared-Time FTE Summary Report

Excel DocumentNon-Public Versus Public Class Time

Excel DocumentNon-Resident Pupil List

Excel DocumentPart-Time Pupil Form

Excel DocumentPeer to Peer Form (Formerly LINKS)

Word DocumentPopulation III Checklist (REQUIRED)

Word DocumentProof of Age Affidavit

Excel DocumentReduced Schedule Pupil List

Excel DocumentReduced Schedule Request and Approval Form

Excel DocumentResidency-Home of Relative Verification Affidavit

Excel DocumentSeat Time Waiver Pupil List

Excel DocumentSeat Time Waiver Mentor Instructional Time Form

Excel DocumentSpecial Education Pupils w/Less-Than-Full-Day Schedule (per IEP)

Excel DocumentSpecial Education Pupils w/Transition Services

Excel DocumentSplit Schedule List of Pupils

Excel DocumentSuspended-Expelled Form within 45 days

Excel DocumentVerification Form (REQUIRED)

Excel DocumentVirtual Learning Distance Learning Independent Study

Excel DocumentWork-Based Learning Education CTE & Non CTE Program Pupil List

Excel DocumentWork-Based Education (Special Education) Employer/Worksite Visitation Log

Excel DocumentWork-Based Education CTE & Non CTE Employer/Worksite Visitation Log

Excel DocumentWork-Based Learning for Special Education Pupil List

Word DocumentWork-Based Education Training Agreement and Training Plan-Paid & Unpaid Trainees