Public Safety

Public Safety & Corrections


The first semester gives the student an in-depth look at the job and skill sets of a law enforcement officer, including court appearances, patrol, arrest, and a total overview of the responsibilities of a police officer. The 2nd semester moves onto Careers & Juvenile Justice, featuring multiple guest speakers from all aspects of the industry. Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to write police reports along with analyzing the working budget, crime scene investigation, and math problems associated within the law enforcement field. As part of the course students will also receive CPR / First Aid Certification and (AED) Automatic Electronic Defibrillator training.


Enrollment at C.O.O.R.'s Career and Technical Education Center offers three educational options for the following college credit:

  • CJS-10000     Introduction to Criminal Justice     3 Credits
  • CJS-11400     Juvenile Justice                             3 Credits
  • CJS-11000    Careers In Emergency Services      1 Credit


Option 1:

Successfully pass the Accuplacer placement test prior to the beginning of C.O.O.R.'s CTE Public Safety Class and earn concurrent credit which is directly transcripted college credit.


Option 2: 

Enroll in C.O.O.R.'s CTE Public Safety Class without taking or passing the Accuplacer placement test and earn articulated credit in that class with a "B" or better grade.

Option 3:

Early-Middle College (pending Accuplacer test)


Second year students have the opportunity to continue their career choice by directly enrolling at Kirtland Community College or expanding their educational options by enrolling in a different program at the C.O.O.R. Career Tech Center.