Early Childhood

Early Childhood Development is Crucial!

85% of a child's brain is developed by age 5. Children learn more from birth to 5 years than at any other point in their lives. Early Childhood Programs provide the experiences your child needs for success in school and in life. Children grow and develop motor skills, creativity, literacy, math, social skills, and much more through play and exploration. 

Find the Right Program for Your Child

You only need to register ONCE to have access to multiple Early Childhood Programs in C.O.O.R. Counties.  REGISTER at

Early Childhood educators in the C.O.O.R. counties have joined together to help you decide where and when to enroll your child in preschool.  The Preschool HOTLINE and WEBSITE will answer preschool questions and connect you with the intake form to register for the program that’s right for your child.  We will use the information on the intake form (which will remain completely confidential) to let you know what programs your child is eligible for.  We can also directly connect you to the one program that meets your needs.

Early Childhood Hotline 989-275-9514

for Crawford, Ogemaw, Oscoda, and Roscommon counties

Crawford County: 

  • Crawford AuSable Day Care & Preschool
  • Frederic Head Start / GSRP
  • Grayling Cooperative Preschool GSRP
  • Grayling Head Start

Oscoda County:

  • Fairview Eagle's Nest Preschool
  • Mio Head Start / GSRP
  • Mio Head Start

Ogemaw County:

  • West Branch Head Start
  • WBRC Schools- Rose City & Surline GSRP

Roscommon County:

  • Charlton Heston Academy GSRP
  • Good Shepard Child Development Center
  • Houghton Lake Commuinty Schools GSRP
  • Houghton Lake United Methodist Church Preschool / GSRP
  • Prudenville Head Start
  • Roscommon Area Public Schools GSRP
  • Roscommon Cooperative Preschool GSRP
  • Roscommon Head Start / GSRP


This is a federally funded program for three and four year olds and their families who meet income eligibility requirements.  Head Start's services focus on eduation, nutrition, medical/dental care, and social services.

Great Start Readiness Program

GSRP is Michigan's state-funded preschool program for four year old children who meet certain financial and/or other eligibility criteria.

Great Start Scholarship Program

The Great Start Scholarship Fund helps support tuition for three and four year olds seeking preschool opportunities through a variety of programs.  These programs are available at your local school district, area churches, private providers, and more.

COOR Preschool Partnership website 

The Preschool website and hotline is coordinated by C.O.O.R. ISD in partnership with:

  • Great Start Collaborative
  • Great Start to Quality
  • Great Start Readiness Programs
  • NEMCSA Head Start
  • NMCAA Head Start