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Lending Library

To check out items or for more information regarding the Great Start to Quality Northeast Resource Center Lending Library please contact:

Lorie Holton

Lending Library Quality Improvement Specialist
Phone: 989-275-6882

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Mixture of blocks and little people
Infant/Toddler puppet kit
Smaller than our other puppets for little hands.
Basic Skills board kit

Learn to tie, lace and much more

Latch board kit
Learn Latches, Zippers, buttons and much more
There Was a Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly kit
Includes book, stuffed woman and all the items she swallowed.
My Grandmother Went to Market
fun with memory
Infant/Toddler Farm
Infant/Toddler Peekaboo Learning Kit
Child Abuse & Neglect
Diversity puzzles and books