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MI School Data - COOR Intermediate School District

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Section 18 (2) of the Public Act 94 of 1979, The State School Aid Act, has been amended, which requires each school district and intermediate school district to post certain information on its website within 30 days after a board adopts it annual operating budget or any subsequent revision to that budget. The Annual Budget & Transparency Reporting is an opportunity to communicate to our community on how we utilize the resources that are provided to us.

Section 1 - Annual Operating Budget and Subsequent Revisions

Please contact the Superintendent's Office if you would like to review any older budgets.  

PDF Document2019-20 General Fund Proposed June 2019
PDF Document2019-20 Special Ed. Proposed June 2019
PDF Document2019-20 CTE Proposed June 2019
PDF Document2019-20 Capital Projects Proposed June 2019
PDF Document2019-20 Medicaid Adm. Outreach Proposed June 2019
PDF Document2019-20 NMEC Proposed June 2019
PDF Document2019-20 Food Services Proposed June 2019
PDF Document2019-20 ROOC Proposed July 2019

PDF Document2018-19 General Fund Final Amendment June 2019
PDF Document2018-19 Special Ed. Final Amendment June 2019
PDF Document2018-19CTE Final Amendment June 2019
PDF Document2018-19 Capital Projects Final Amendment June 2019
PDF Document2018-19 Medicaid Adm. Outreach Final Amendment June 2019
PDF Document2018-19 NMEC Final Amendment June 2019
PDF Document2018-19 Food Services Final Amendment June 2019
PDF Document2018-19 ROOC Final Amendment July 2019

PDF Document2018-19 Special Ed Amended Feb 2019
PDF Document2018-19 CTE Amended Feb 2019
PDF Document 2018-19 General Fund Amended Feb 2019
PDF Document2018-19 ROOC Amended Feb 2019

PDF Document2018-19 Special Ed. Proposed June 2018 
PDF Document2018-19 CTE Proposed June 2018
PDF Document2018-19 Gen Fund Proposed June 2018
PDF Document2018-19 ROOC Proposed June 2018
PDF Document2018-19 ROOC Proposed July 2018
PDF Document2018-19 Capital Projects Proposed June 2018
PDF Document2018-19 Food Services Proposed June 2018
PDF Document2018-19 Medicaid Outreach Proposed June 2018
PDF Document2018-19 NMEC Proposed June 2018

There is no Insurance Fund as of July 1, 2018.

Section 2a and 2b - Summary of Expenditures - Expressed in Pie Charts

PDF DocumentFiscal Year 2017-18 Personnel Expenditures
PDF DocumentFiscal Year 2017-18 Operating Expenditures

Section 3 - Listing of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, Health Care Plans, Health Care Bids Solicited, and Audit Report

3a Current Bargaining Agreements

PDF DocumentTeachers: CEA Contract July 2019- June 2021
PDF DocumentSupport Staff: CESPA 2018-2020

3b Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans

PDF DocumentBCBS Community Blue option
PDF DocumentBCBS Simply Blue HSA option
PDF DocumentAdditional benefits- CESPA only
PDF DocumentAdditional benefits- no CESPA

If you need assistance reading these Blue Cross Blue Shield documents, you may call 877-469-2583 (TTY 711) for translation and other accessibility issues.  Identify employer as COOR ISD,  Simply Blue PPO HSASM LG with Rx account 58174000 Group number 007023857-0002 or Community Blue account 58174001, Group number 007023857-0003.

3c Audit Report

PDF DocumentAnnual Financial Report for Year Ending June 30, 2018

3d Bids Solicited for Health Care Plans

PDF DocumentMost recent Healthcare Bids

3e Procurement Policy

PDF DocumentCurrent Procurement Policy

3f Reimbursable Expenses

PDF DocumentReimbursable Expense Categories

3g Accounts Payable Check Register

PDF DocumentAccounts Payable Check Register 2017-18

Section 4 - Salary and Benefit description of Superintendent and Employees with Salary Exceeding $100,000

PDF DocumentQualifying Employees 2017-18

Section 5 - Annual Amount Spent on Dues Paid to Associations

PDF Document2017-2018 Professional Association Dues

Section 6 - Annual Amount Spent on Lobbying or Lobbying Services

PDF Document2017-18 Lobbying Costs

Section 7- Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

Not applicable.

Section 8- District Credit Card Information

PDF Document2017-18 Credit Card Information

Section 9-District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information

PDF Document2017-18 Out of State Travel Information

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy & Procedures

PDF DocumentPolicy & Procedures
PDF DocumentFee Itemization Form
PDF DocumentProcedure Details

Educator Evaluation System - Postings & Assurances

Superintendent Evaluation Tool

Posting and Assurances- MASB

Principal Evaluation Tool

“School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System Assurances Document for Michigan Users, © School ADvance™ All Rights Reserved”. Posting and Assurances- School Advance

Teacher Evaluation Tool

Posting and Assurances- 5D+