Automotive Technology

This program is mainly a hands-on course designed to familiarize the student with the automotive service and repair industry.

First Semester

The first semester will concentrate on design, production, operation, testing, service, basic hand tools, technical reference materials, cooling systems, lubrication systems, charging and starting system parts, and performance of basic service procedures.

Second Semester

The second semester provides instruction in basic electricity, automotive electrical systems, theory and service. Technician certification on the state and national levels, general work ethics and employment preparation are also addressed. Certificate of completion in Fundamentals, electricity and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) can be earned by the successful student.

College Credit

Enrollment in COOR.Career Tech offers three educational options for the following college credit:

Course Number Course Name Credits
AUT-16302 Automotive Fundamentals 4 Credits
AUT-17703 Automotive Electrical Systems 4 Credits
AUT-16401 Basic Electricity 3 Credits


Option 1:

Successfully pass the Accuplacer placement test prior to the beginning of COOR.'s CTE Automotive Class and earn concurrent credit which is directly transcripted college credit.

Option 2:

Enroll in COOR.'s CTE Automotive Class without taking or passing the Accuplacer placement test and earn articulated credit in that class with a "B" or better grade.

Option 3:

Early-Middle College (pending Accuplacer test)

Second year students have the opportunity to continue their career choice by directly enrolling at Kirtland Community College or expanding their educational options by enrolling in a different COOR. Career Tech program.