Vocational Early-Middle College

COOR. Vocational Early Middle College
in Partnership with Kirtland Community College 

Application Process for COOR Early Middle College

Application is open to all students enrolled in COOR. Intermediate School District Entering 11th grade.

To Qualify:

Early College – AUTOMOTIVE:

Complete Accuplacer Test & qualify for Basic Algebra (MTH 07300).

Early College- WELDING:

Complete Accuplacer Test.


Complete Accuplacer Test & qualify for English Comp I (ENG 10303).


The application process for the Early Middle College program includes:

  1. Discuss your interest with your parents and counselor.
  2. Complete & submit registration form to high school counselor.
  3. Apply online to Kirtland Community College (www.kirtland.edu)
  4. Complete ACCUPLACER test at your school—Counselor schedules with Pre-College Coordinator.
  5. Begin your college journey.

For Further Information Contact:

Lyndsay Smolarz

COOR ISD Administrative Assistant-
989.275.9580, ext: 434;