Medical Occupations

Medical Occupations

Students will learn necessary skills that care providers must have to work in any department within the medical occupations, including: medical ethics and law, effective communications, medical terminology, medical related math, anatomy & physiology, CPR and First Aid Certification, (AED) Automatic Electronic Defibrillator training, infection control, workplace safety, employability and leadership skills.

Career Exploration

Opportunities will be available for students to participate in career exploration at a variety of work sites provided by our health care partners. Multi disciplinary tasks and skills will be practiced and demonstrated by each student with special emphasis in their chosen health field. Students will develop a portfolio to showcase their vocational experience. Successful students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to take the CNA Test and progress with their medical career.

Enrollment in COOR.'s Career Tech offers two educational options for the following college credit:

Course Number Course Description Credits
ALH-10400 Nursing Assistant State Cert.
ALH-10101 Medical Terminology 2 Credits

Option 1:

Successfully pass the Accuplacer placement test prior to the beginning of COOR.'s CTE Medical Occupations Class and earn concurrent credit which is directly transcripted college credit.

Option 2:

Enroll in COOR's CTE Medical Occupations Class without taking or passing the Accuplacer placement test and earn articulated credit in that class with a "B" or better grade.

Second year students have the opportunity to continue their career choice by directly enrolling at Kirtland Community College or expanding their educational options by enrolling in a different COOR Career Tech program.


Congratulations Lydia Yelland, Sarah Bowman, Ashlei Peterson, Breanna Tribelhorn, Katherine Trim, Stephanie Pokrzywnicki, Courtney Hill, Kayleigh McKinley, Hanna DeJarlais, Faith Lietzke, Tayler Winchell, Shania Inscho, Maggie Yost, Tamar Oaks, Kaitlyn Sarsfield, Madison Vineyard, Autumn Neff , Abigail Nutt, Alyssa Kauffman, Erica DeSnyder, Whitney Layman,Tabitha Gates, Jillian Tackebury, Carter McCarthy & Morgan Bruce on Passing your CNA TEST!!!