Non-Traditional Programs

Non-Traditional Programs

Non-Traditional Students

We celebrate students who choose to study in a field where jobs are traditionally held by the opposite gender.  In 2017-18, Baylee Tinker from Ogemaw Heights High School was awarded the Breaking Traditions Award, presented at the state capitol. She met with Daire Rendon and was given a special tribute signed by the Governor and the state Senator and Representative.  Her instructor, Undersheriff Ben Lowe, attended with Baylee and her mother.

  Breaking Tradition Award recipient with teacher at the capitol Baylee shakes hands with Representative Daire Rendon

Non-Traditional Programs Offered at the COOR Area Career Tech Center include:


Automotive Technology
Public Safety
Recreational Engines



Students In Non-Traditional Programs Increase Their Potential For:

  • ‚ÄčEconomic Self-Sufficiency
  • Higher Wages and Better Benefits
  • Broader Job Opportunities
  • Greater Advancement Potential
  • Job Satisfaction

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