Recreational Engines & Marine Technology

Recreational Engines & Marine Technology 


This program will introduce students to shop safety practices, tool and equipment usage, laboratory procedures, two and four-cycle engines, marine engines and components.

Included topics

This course covers the complete tear-down and assembly of small air-cooled and water cooled engines. Theory and operation of a small engines, career exploration and employability skills will also be taught as part of this program.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion in shop fundamentals, two-stroke engine, four-stroke engine, marine, and snowmobile repair are possible. Other industry certifications may be possible depending on the student’s career goal. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in an annual intramural tractor pull competition.

Enrollment in COOR's Career Tech offers two educational options for the following college credit:

Course Number Course Description Credits
AUT-16401 Basic Electrical 3 Credits


Option 1:

Successfully pass the Accuplacer Placement Test prior to the beginning of COOR.'s CTE Recreational Engines & Marine Technology Class and earn concurrent credit which is directly transcripted college credit.

Option 2: 

Enroll in COOR's CTE Recreational Engines & Marine Technology Class without taking or passing the Accuplacer placement test and earn articulated credit in that class with a "B" or better grade.

Second year students have the opportunity to continue their career choice by directly enrolling at Kirtland Community College or expanding their educational options by enrolling in a different COOR Career Tech program.