Multi Tech

This program offers a collage of skills including welding, machining and computer aided drafting.

Upon course completion

After completing this course a student will have a diversity of entry-level industrial arts employment skills. Student may participate in a field trip to the International Welding Show. Students will be eligible for a certificate of completion in multi technology. Students may choose to participate in American Welding Society National Institute of Metal Working Skills certification testing. Outstanding students may have an opportunity to attend a Secondary Welding Competition at Ferris State University.

Enrollment in COOR's Career Tech offers three educational options for the following college credit:

Course Number Course Description Credits
WLD-11000 Welding Fundamentals 4 Credits
WLD-10501 Welding Fabrication Level I 3 Credits


Option 1:

Successfully pass the Accuplacer placement test prior to the beginning of COOR.'s CTE Welding Class and earn concurrent credit which is directly transcripted college credit.

Option 2:

Enroll in COOR's CTE Welding Class without taking or passing the Accuplacer placement test and earn articulated credit in that class with a "B" or better grade.

Option 3:

Early-Middle College (pending Accuplacer test)

Second year students have the opportunity to continue their career choice by directly enrolling at Kirtland Community College or expanding their educational options by enrolling in a different COOR Career Tech program.

group of students

Blacksmith Artesian Show

The air was filled with ringing of hammers on anvils when Black Rock Forge of Traverse City came to visit. Welding Students were given a day of hands on demonstrations and practical skill building in the art of forging. Three blacksmith artisans, Dan, Derrick, and Larry, provided several professional demonstrations before turning the hammers over to 18 anxious students their instructor's. Students were shown the art of forge welding, bending, twisting and flattening of metal and all were able to complete a simple project. New opportunities and friendships were forged with everyone throughout the afternoon.