Staff Directory



Danielle Barnes Admin Business Manager 989-275-9524
Greg Bush Admin Superintendent 989-275-9538
Kurt Loll Admin Payroll / Accounting Assistant 989-275-9584
Carrie Macko Admin Accounts Receivable 989-275-9554
Becky Socia Admin Secretary to the Superintendent 989-275-9538

Career and Technical Education

Dan Beltz CTE CEPD Director / Principal 989-275-5000 x435
Don Duggar CTE Multi-Technology Instructor 989-275-5000 x434
Howie Hanft CTE Public Safety Instructor 989-275-5000 x434
Ben Lowe CTE Public Safety Instructor 989-275-5000 x434
Colleen Mick CTE Medical Occupations Instructor 989-275-5000 x434
Lyndsay Smolarz CTE Administrative Assistant 989-275-5000 x434
Casey Swartz CTE Rec Engines & Marine Tech Instructor 989-275-5000 x434
Kayla Swartz CTE Computer Generated Images Instructor 989-275-5000 x434
Dean VanWormer CTE Automotive Instructor 989-275-5000 x434
Robin Winton CTE Cosmetology Instructor 989-275-5000 x434

General Education

Adair Aumock Admin Director of Instructional Services 989-275-6884
Michele Cochrane COOR ISD Offices Early On Coordinator 989-275-9537
Amy Coulter COOR ISD Offices Parent Liaison 989-275-9565
Teresa Gertiser COOR ISD Offices Early Intervention Home Visitor 989-275-9518
Katie Keith Admin Supervisor of Early Childhood 989-275-6883
Barb Mick Admin Consultant 989-275-9571
Shannon Rea Admin Administrative Assistant/Pupil Accounting Auditor 989-275-9525
Rebekah Seelow Admin Early Childhood Specialist 989-275-9552
Annie Spear Admin K-1 Early Literacy Coach
Chris Tappan COOR ISD Offices Great Start Coordinator 989-275-9566

Regional Resource Center

Cheryl Beyer RRC Infant Toddler Quality Improvement Consultant 989-275-9557
Helen DeFlorio RRC Quality Improvement Consultant 989-275-6889
Lorie Holton RRC Lending Library Quality Improvement Specialist 989-275-6882
Kristen Johnson RRC Professional Development Quality Improvement Specialist 989-275-9516
Desiree Lipski RRC Program Director 989-275-6881
Melissa Maeder RRC Quality Improvement Specialist

ROOC Incorporated

Lauren Arsenault ROOC Program Manager 989-275-9544
Brent Cryderman ROOC Executive Director 989-275-9542
Denis Mayowski ROOC Employment Placement Specialist 989-275-9567
Melinda Nagy ROOC Employment Services 989-275-9547
Lynn Pope ROOC Administrative Assistant 989-275-9534
Somer Quinlan ROOC Director of Services 989-275-9559

Special Education

Tara Allard Admin Administrative Assistant to Director 989-275-9556
Tammy Baudoux COOR ISD Offices Occupational Therapist 989-275-9527
Becky Bunn COOR ISD Offices Psychologist 989-275-6640
Brent Cryderman CEC Principal 989-275-9542
Gayle Daugherty COOR ISD Offices Speech Pathologist
Kristin Eagle CEC Teacher 989-275-2925
Nicole Grace COOR ISD Offices Speech Pathologist 989-275-9528
Melanie Green ISD Social Worker 989-275-9515
Marie Harris Admin Administrative Assistant 989-275-9523
Holly Holm CEC Administrative Assistant 989-275-9550
Megan Kasper ISD Speech Pathologist 989-275-9513
Mary Kleinert CEC Teacher 989-275-2916
Amber Larrison COOR ISD Offices PPI Teacher Consultant 989-275-9530
Diane Lippert Admin Administrative Assistant 989-275-9543
Victoria Lohr ISD Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist 989-275-9583
Julia McGee CEC Teacher 989-275-2921
Catherine Mix CEC Speech Pathologist 989-275-9540
Joe Moore CEC Teacher 989-275-2926
Jessica Partaka COOR ISD Offices Occupational Therapist 989-275-6600 x6648
Rebecca Reetz CEC Teacher 989-275-2923
Kelly Sanderson ISD Speech Pathologist
Julie Schloop CEC Teacher 989-275-2919
Katie Toonstra ISD Speech Pathologist 989-343-2160
Brenda Vaughan-Ide Admin Transition Coordinator & Quality Assurance 989-275-9517
Gretchen Walsh ISD PT Assistant 989-275-9581
Marc Wills Admin Director of Special Education 989-275-9562
Rebecca Wright ISD VI Consultant
Denise York ISD PT Assistant 989-275-9581


Adair Aumock Admin Director of Technology 989-275-6884
Diane Lippert Admin Tech Assistant 989-275-9543


Dean Transportation Transp Contact 989-275-9531