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POSTING DATE:   January 18, 2017

JOB TITLE:   Provider of Speech and Language Services

POSITION:    Full-time position with COOR Intermediate School District Area

SALARY:       Per Master Agreement Salary Schedule.

BENEFITS:   Health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. Clinical Fellowship Supervision Available

REPORT TO: Director of Special Education and/or LocalBuilding Principal

QUALIFICATIONS: Currently certified by the State of Michigan, Department of Education, Office of Professional Preparation and Certification Services as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Impairment  OR  Possess a Master’s Degree and the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

STARTING DATE:  August, 2017

William Wachowiak, Interim Director,
Special Education Services
COOR Intermediate School District
11051 N. Cut Rd., P.O. Box 827
Roscommon, MI 48653-0827

DEADLINE: Open until filled

 For more information on this job: ‚ÄčPDF Documentcomplete Provider of Speech Services Job Description. 


Posting Date:   February 10, 2017

JOB TITLE:    C.O.O.R. Educational Center Para-professional

POSITION:      Full-time position
                       COOR Intermediate School District - C.O.O.R. Educational Center

WAGES:         Per Master Agreement between the C.O.O.R. Intermediate School District and C.O.O.R. ISD Educational Support Personnel Association (CESPA) and Michigan Education Association (MEA).

BENEFITS:      Health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance

REPORTS TO:   Classroom Teacher/Administrator/Supervisor

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be 18 years old or older, and possess a high school diploma or equivalent, shall meet all qualifications as stated in the C.O.O.R. Intermediate School District Special Education Plan, successful completion of Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. training, experience in implementing and recording data for a Behavior Intervention Plan developed for an individual student, must meet all Federal requirements for Highly Qualified Para-professional as required by No Child Left Behind and experience working with physically aggressive students.

STARTING DATE:   March, 2017

Marc Wills, ED.S., Interim CEC Principal
11051 N. Cut Rd., P.O. Box 827
Roscommon, MI 48653-0827

DEADLINE: Submit your Resume' and letter of interest by 3:00 p.m., Friday, March 3, 2017

For more information on this Job: PDF DocumentJob Description for Para-professional  


The COOR Intermediate School District gives notice that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, height, weight, political belief, religious belief, marital status, or disability in the education programs and activities operated by the District, including employment. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: William Wachowiak, Coordinator Planning Monitoring and Data Collection, and/or Gregory A. Bush, Superintendent, 11051 N Cut Rd, PO Box 827, Roscommon MI 48653, (989) 275-9555.