Automotive Technology

C.O.O.R. CTE Automotive Technology program is open to any local high school junior or senior. This course provides students with an introduction to shop safety practices, tool/equipment usage, lab procedures, auto equipment, and engines. The theory and operation of electrical components, career exploration, and employability skills will also be taught. Year One will be at the COOR ATIC, but Year Two will be at Kirtland per their schedule depending upon enrollment.

With the Early Middle College option, students can earn up to 54 free college credits and Master Certification.


Year 1 - Free College Credit

AUT-16303 Automotive Fundamentals - 2 Credits (Semester 1)

This is a lecture/lab course designed to familiarize the student with the automotive unit; design, production, operating, testing, and servicing.  This course explores how to perform preventative maintenance routines such as oil changes, tire rotations on standard systems as well as on vehicles equipped with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), brake and suspension system inspections, and how to service the cooling system.  General shop safety and proper tool usage will be covered.

AUT-17704 Automotive Braking Systems Fundamentals - 2 Credits (Semester 1)


This course is designed to provide instruction and skill development in automotive brake system theory and service. Students will develop skills and technical knowledge in the evolution of operation, theory, diagnosis, and repair of conventional braking systems.

AUT-17800 Steering and Suspension Fundamentals - 2 Credits (Semester 2)


This is a lecture/lab course covering nomenclature and operating principles of steering and suspension systems. Emphasis is on skill development in diagnosing and servicing wheels and tires, steering systems, common suspension systems, and performing pre-alignment inspections.

AUT-16401 Basic Electricity - 3 Credits (Semester 2)

This electrical course is designed as a prerequisite for automotive electrical classes. Areas of instruction will cover basic electricity, magnetism, fundamentals of batteries, starting motors, charging systems, ignition systems, electrical accessories, and basic wiring.


Year 2 - Free College Credit

AUT-13000 Torque & Precision Measurement - 2 Credits (Semester 1)


This course is a lecture/lab course designed to provide instruction on basic measurement using both the imperial and metric systems.  Students will develop skills and technical knowledge in the function and use of various precision measurement tools commonly used in the automotive industry.  Students will also gain knowledge in the theory of fastener torque as well as the proper use of common torque tools.

AUT-21800 Automatic Transmissions - 4 Credits (Semester 1)


In this lecture/lab course, students are prepared to service, diagnose, and overhaul commonly used automatic transmissions and transaxles. Emphasis will be placed on principles of operation, model variations, servicing techniques, and troubleshooting procedures. The student will complete the ASE A2 technician certification exam, demonstrating knowledge of the skills necessary to diagnose, service and repair automatic transmissions.

AUT-16201 Fuel Systems and Emission Control - 4 Credits (Semester 2)

This lecture/lab course is designed to provide instruction in fundamentals, construction, operation, troubleshooting, and servicing of the components of the fuel and emission control systems. Students will participate in disassembly and reassembly of components and fuel systems and in emission control testing.

AUT-16801 Automotive Electrical Systems - 4 Credits (Semester 2)


In this course, students will develop the technical knowledge and skills necessary to service and diagnose modern electrical systems. Emphasis will be placed on electrical testing techniques and the use of electrical testing equipment. Instruction and lab work will cover chassis wiring, electrical accessories, batteries, starters, charging systems, and ignition system service. The student will complete the ASE A6 technician certification exam, demonstrating knowledge of the skills necessary to diagnose, service, and repair automobile electrical systems.


C.O.O.R. Career Tech also offers an Early-Middle College option for this program to earn up to 54 transferrable college credits!

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