Welding & Fabrication


Our Welding program is located at Houghton Lake High School and open to any local high school junior or senior in the ISD. This program offers a variety of skills including welding, machining and computer-aided drafting. After completing this course a student will have a diversity of entry-level industrial arts employment skills. Students will be eligible for a certificate of completion from C.O.O.R. in Welding & Fabrication along with multiple AWS (American Welding Society) certifications along the way. Students may also choose to participate in American Welding Society National Institute of Metal Working Skills certification testing. Outstanding students will even have the opportunity to compete in a Welding Competition at Ferris State University.

Family Information Night Presentation Slides

Blacksmith Artesian Show

The air was filled with ringing of hammers on anvils when Black Rock Forge of Traverse City came to visit. Welding Students were given a day of hands on demonstrations and practical skill building in the art of forging. Three blacksmith artisans, Dan, Derrick, and Larry, provided several professional demonstrations before turning the hammers over to 18 anxious students their instructor's. Students were shown the art of forge welding, bending, twisting and flattening of metal and all were able to complete a simple project. New opportunities and friendships were forged with everyone throughout the afternoon.  

Year 1 Free College Credit

WLD-11000 Welding Fundamentals - 4 Credits (Semester 1)
This course will teach the skills necessary to weld, braze and cut metal using oxygen and acetylene. Other cutting processes such as Plasma Arc Cutting and Carbon Arc Gouging will also be learned. Students will learn how to weld using the Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, and Flux Core welding processes.

WLD-10502 Welding Fabrication Level I with Blueprints - 4 Credits (Semester 2)
The student will learn the various safety rules of the Welding/Fabrication Lab, operation of mechanical equipment, operation of ironworker to punch holes, form metal, and shear metal. Operation of radial arm drill press to drill and tap holes, operation of the manual press brake to form metal, operation of the small manual roller to form thin gauge metal, operation of the horizontal and vertical band saw to cut. This course will teach the basics of reading and interpreting fabrication blueprints. This course will also teach how to create simple and intermediate fabrication blueprints.


Year 2 Free College Credit

WLD-11106 GMAW, FCAW & SMAW Welding - 5 Credits (Semester 1)
Students will learn safety rules and mechanical equipment procedures in the Welding Fabrication Lab. This course consists of G.M.A.W., F.C.A.W, and S.M.A.W. welding in the flat, horizontal, vertical & overhead position on an x-block. At the end of this course, students will complete an AWS, WPQR Qualification Test using S.M.A.W.

WLD-11206 Advanced GMAW - 5 Credits (Semester 2)
G.M.A.W. in the flat position using 0.045 wire and G.M.A.W. in the Vertical Down position using 0.045 wire. G.M.A.W.-Spray in the flat and horizontal position on steel and stainless steel and G.M.A.W. in the flat and horizontal position using metal core wire. G.M.A.W.-Pulse in the flat and horizontal position on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. G.M.A.W – C.V. and Pulse in the flat and horizontal position on aluminum. At the end of this course, students will complete an AWS-WQPR Welder Qualification Test.


C.O.O.R. Career Tech also offers Early-Middle College option for this program.

Career Opportunities

Welders/Cutters/Pipe Fitters

Median Salary (2018) in Michigan: $37,450
Employment growth trends (2016-26): 5% to 9%

Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters

Median Salary (2018) in Michigan: $42,880
Employment growth trends (2016-26): -2% or lower

The median salary for career opportunities from this program according to O*NET Online.

Welding Lab at HLHS

Welding & Fabrication Instructor