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public safety

The Public Safety program is located at Roscommon Middle School and is open to any local high school junior or senior. This program will give students an in-depth look at the job and skill sets of a law enforcement officer, including court appearances, patrol, arrest, and a total overview of the responsibilities of a police officer. This program also introduces additional job options in the career field featuring multiple guest speakers from all aspects of the industry. Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to write police reports along with analyzing the working budget, crime scene investigation, and math problems associated with the law enforcement field. As part of the course, students will also receive CPR / First Aid Certification and (AED) Automatic Electronic Defibrillator training.  The Instructor, Roscommon County Undersheriff Ben Lowe, is passionate about helping the students explore career opportunities and reach their potential.

Free College Credit

CJS-10000 Intro to Criminal Justice - 3 Credits (Semester 1)
This course introduces students to the social reality of crime, criminal behavior and law as each of these relates to the criminal justice system.  Students examine the role of law enforcement, prosecution, defense, court system, corrections and juvenile justice at various levels.  Students are challenged to expand both their knowledge and appreciation of the criminal justice system through arranged visits to courts, detention facilities and working law enforcement agencies.
CJS-11000 Careers in Emergency Services - 1 Credit (Semester 1)
The course is designed to acquaint the student with a variety of emergency services occupations.
CJS-11400 Juvenile Justice - 3 Credits (Semester 2)
The history and evolving philosophies of juvenile justice will be introduced along with an overview of the juvenile justice system.  Influencing factors such as family, social media, economic status, education, abuse, neglect and gang affiliation will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on the role of law enforcement and the challenges and issues related to juvenile law enforcement.


C.O.O.R. Career Tech also offers Early-Middle College option for this program.


Second year students have the opportunity to continue their career choice by directly enrolling at Kirtland Community College or expanding their educational options by enrolling in a different COOR Career Tech program.

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