2023 Summer Camps

MiSTEM Region 12 opportunities

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for summer learning.
All COOR ISD camps are FREE.  4-H Forestry ($25.) and Kirtland College Camps are free for the exception of Art Camp ($39.)

Who can attend

Middle School & High School (see individual flyers)

Programs • Dates • Location • Registration Link

COOR IS Summer CAMP Registration LINK: http://bit.ly/3o72npH

Camp Title



Welding Beginners

June 12-13

Houghton Lake High School

VEX IQ Robotics

June 13-15

Grayling Middle School

Welding Advanced

June 14-15

Houghton Lake High School

Camp Brave Heart

June 14 & 15

Ogemaw Heights High School

Sphere We Go!

June 15-16

Grayling Middle School

Exploring Electricity

June 19 & 20

Roscommon Middle School

Indoor Aerial Drone Challenge

June 22-23

Roscommon Middle School


June 27-29

Kirtland Community College

4-H Forestry Camp
Registration Link: http://bit.ly/3Lmyxa8 
Youth need to be enrolled in 4-H : http://v2.4honline.com

(Cost:$25.) July 18-20 Gahagan Nature Preserve, Roscommon

4H Great Lakes & Natural Resources
Registration Link: https://www.canr.msu.edu/4_h_great_lakes_natural_resources_camp/

  July 23-29 Camp Chickagami, Presque Isle

Kirtland Summer Camps
Registration Link: http://bit.ly/3ZCJCHI

Young Illustrators Art June 14,21,& 28 Kirtland Community College ($39. fee)

Road Trip to Ferris State University

June 19 Kirtland Community College
Code Masters Camp June 20-22 Kirtland Community College
Crash Course in Automotive June 20-22 Kirtland Community College
Bio Explorers Jun 20-22 Kirtland Community College


Summer Camp 2023: Camp Brave Heart

eSport Summer Camp Information

Summer Camp: Exploring Electricity

Summer Camp: Indoor Aerial Drone Challenge

Summer Camp: Sphere We Go

Summer Camp: VexIQ Robotics

Summer Camp: Welding Advanced

Summer Camp: Welding Beginning

Summer Camp: Forestry Camp

Summer Camp: Great Lakes Natural Resource Camp

Kirtland Summer Camp Information

Registration open May 1st to June 2nd

Registration: http://bit.ly/3o72npH

Students may attend more than one camp if they are held at different times.