Administrative Services

COOR Vision Statement

COOR Intermediate School District will be the collaborative model for excellence in educational services and programs promoting lifelong learning for the local school districts and the communities we serve.

COOR Mission Statement

The COOR Intermediate School District will plan and provide the highest level of programs and services to meet the needs and anticipate those of the future. This will be achieved in partnership with all local educational interests through communication, collaboration and cooperation. The ultimate result will be excellent learning opportunities for a lifetime.

Services to our local districts

We provide customized special needs services for all of our local districts.  We act as fiscal agent for many state and federal grants and other funding sources.  The cost to our local districts for specialized therapists is greatly reduced by sharing services throughout the ISD.  Our General Education consultants provide many professional development opportunities for local teachers to collaborate and update their skill set.  We also provide curriculum consulting customized to each district's needs.  Our Career and Technical Education program provides excellent vocational training for high school students in all the local districts.  For students with special needs who are 26 and older, we have opportunities for further skill development at ROOC, Inc.

Administrator Meetings

Administrator Professional Learning meetings and Principal Forums take place each month.  Please see the Professionial Learning website for details.

Staff Search