2000- General School Admin

Section 2000 - General School Administration

Table of Contents

2020    Administrative Organization

2030    District Authority

2100    School Superintendent

      2100.1       Duties and Responsibilities

2110    Qualifications

2130    Recruitment

2140    Superintendent Appointment

2150    Board/Superintendent Relationship

2170    Professional Development Opportunities

2200    Consulting Activities (Cf. 5645)

2250    Superintendent Evaluation (Cf. 2430)

2260    Non-Reemployment of the Superintendent

2270    Resolution Regarding Employee Resignations

2400    Administrative Personnel (Cf. 5410)

      2400.1       Compensation Guides and Contracts

      2400.2       Qualifications and Duties

      2400.3       Orientation

      2400.4       Supervision 

      2400.5       Job Descriptions

      2400.6       Time Schedules

      2400.7       Temporary Administrators

      2400.8       Personnel

      2400.9       Travel Expense

2430    Administrative Evaluation (Cf. 2250, 5520)

2450    Non-Discrimination and Complaint Procedure (Cf. 5030, 8015)

2550    Handbooks and Other Publications

2590    Professional Development Opportunities-Administrators

            (Cf. 2170, 5190, 5330)

2700    Policy Implementation

2750    Administrative Rules (Cf. 1570, 5140)

      2750.1       Development of Administrative Rules

      2750.2       Rules Adoption

2760    Indemnification - Board Members and Others

2780    Administration of Medication by School Personnel (Cf. 8670)

      2780.1  Management of Students with Asthma in the School Setting

      2780.2   Exercise Induced Asthma Attacks

      2780.3   Diabetic Emergencies

2790    School Safety Information Policy Implementation

      2790.1       Incidents to be Reported

2800    Records

2805    Electronic Mail Retention

2810    Public Review and Inspection of Records

      2810.1       Fees

      2810.2       Appeals



The Board of Education recognizes that the grouping of services within the facilities of the District can assist the efficient operation of the District and help achieve a more effective instructional program.

The legal authority of the Board shall be transmitted through the Superintendent to other positions through an approved organizational structure.

The Superintendent shall continually monitor the effectiveness of the District organizational plan and recommend to the Board such modifications in the plan which are in the best interests of the students, make wisest use of District resources, and serve the educational goals of the Board.

Modifications in the organizational plan may be made by the Board upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.

The Superintendent shall be the chief executive officer and spokesperson for the District. The Superintendent shall define and recommend those administrative positions required to implement the educational system and program of learning established by the Board. In each case, the Board will approve the broad purpose and function of the position in harmony with state law and regulations.

Responsibility shall flow clearly from the Superintendent through the administrative staff to the operational personnel.

It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to determine the need for and define operational requirements sufficient to ensure the smooth functioning of the District. Maintenance of an efficient, skilled operational staff is essential to the effective performance of the system.

It is the Board’s intent to maintain an operational and technical staff with a level of competence sufficient to ensure accomplishment of District goals and objectives.

(Organizational Chart Follows)

Approved: December 11, 2002           Legal Reference:MCL 380.653; 380.654


The Board recognizes that many of the subject topics found in this policy manual may be subject to negotiations under the Michigan Public Employment Relations Act.  It is not the intent of the Board to, in any way, circumvent the negotiations process, but, rather, to establish direction and general and long-range operational procedures for the care and custody, establishment, maintenance, management and carrying on of the public schools and property of the District as authorized under current law.

Whenever the word “Superintendent,” “Director,” or “Administrator” appears in these policies and rules, the words “or designated representative” shall be assumed to follow.  The delegation of authority of administrative actions does not relieve the Superintendent of the responsibility of the actions of such designated representatives.

Approved: December 11, 2002           Legal Reference: MCL 380.601a


The Superintendent shall be the chief administrative head of the District and shall have, under the direction of the Board, general supervision of all programs of the District and of all the personnel and various personnel departments of the District. The Superintendent is responsible for the management of the Intermediate School District under Board policies and is accountable to the Board. The Superintendent is responsible for the general supervision of agreed upon services provided jointly by the ISD and the LEAs.

The Superintendent, at his/her discretion, may delegate to other school personnel the exercise of any powers and the discharge of any duties imposed upon the Superintendent by these policies or by vote of the Board. The delegation of power or duty, however, shall not relieve the Superintendent of responsibility for the action taken under such delegation.

The Superintendent shall strive to achieve District goals by providing educational direction and supervision to the professional staff and supervision to the support staff and by acting as a proper model for staff and students, both in and outside of the District.

2100.1  Duties and Responsibilities

The Superintendent shall be directly responsible to the Board of Education for the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities and shall:

a.Ensure that all aspects of District operation comply with State laws and regulations, as well as Board contracts and policies;

b.Establish and maintain any written educational plan that may be required by law and consistent with the educational goals adopted by the Board;

c.Ensure proper implementation of the current District‑wide instructional plan as it applies to each program;

d.Ensure the efficient use of District resources in the daily operations of the District;

e.Assign staff to achieve the maximum benefit toward the attainment of the educational mission of COOR;

f.Evaluate the progress of the professional and support staff toward the attainment of educational goals;

g.Analyze the results of the instructional program development as it applies to the Board's educational goals;

h.Recommend changes in instructional or staffing patterns based on an analysis of staff and program progress;

i.Work cooperatively with parents/guardians, constituent local Districts, community groups, and other organizations concerned with District programs;

j.Develop personal capabilities in personnel strategies and facility management;

k.Work cooperatively with the Board and administrative staff;

l.Strive toward the highest standards of personal conduct;

m.Keep the Board continually informed on the progress and condition of the Intermediate School District programs;

n.Supervise the preparation for the annual budget and recommend it to the Board for consideration; and

o.Administer the development and maintenance of a positive educational program designed to meet the needs of the community, to keep abreast of the best educational developments and to advise regarding changes in programs.

Approved: December 11, 2002           Legal Reference: MCL 380.653


The Superintendent shall have:

a.Earned at least a Master’s degree from an approved institution of learning with graduate study in educational administration (although a Doctorate degree is not required, work toward the degree is considered desirable);

b.Acquired at least three years of successful experience in teaching and in the administration of schools;

c.Established him/herself as an educational leader in the profession through active participation in a variety of areas; and

d.Knowledge in the use of educational technology, both at the personal and professional levels.

Approved: December 11, 2002           Legal Reference: MCL 380.1246


The Board of Education vests the primary responsibility for administration of this District in the Superintendent of Schools. The appointment of that officer is, therefore, one of the most important functions the Board can perform. The Board will comply with all laws and regulations in the hiring process (i.e. the Open Meetings Act).

Whenever the position of Superintendent shall be vacant, the Board shall appoint a Superintendent pro tempore as chief executive officer and fix his/her salary and term of office that shall be no more than four (4) years.

The Board shall actively seek the best-qualified and most capable candidate for the position of District Superintendent. It may be aided in this task by the services of professional consultants and/or the counsel of the retiring Superintendent or a person selected by the Board.

Recruitment procedures shall be prepared in advance of the search and may include:

a.Preparation of a written job specification for the position of  Superintendent;

b.Preparation of written specifications of qualifications;

c.Preparation of informative material describing this District and its educational goals;

d.The requirement that selected candidates for the position be interviewed by Board members in a format that encourages them to express their educational philosophy;

e.Solicitation of applications from a wide geographical area; and

f.Consideration of all applicants fairly without discrimination as established by law.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference: MCL 380.1246; 37.1101; 37.2101


No person may be employed as Superintendent of this District unless he/she has signed an employment contract with the Board.

Such contract shall include, but not be limited to:

a. The term for which employment is contracted, included beginning and ending dates, said term shall not exceed five (5) years;

b. The salary that the Superintendent shall be paid and the intervals at which he/she shall be paid;

c. The benefits to which he/she is entitled;

d. A provision for the termination of the contract; and

e. Such other matters as may be necessary to a full and complete understanding of the employment contract.

All contract offers of employment, or continued employment, shall be made by the Board contingent upon review of the contract by legal counsel and subject to final approval by the Board.

The Board shall not award tenure to the Superintendent in said position or in any administrative position in the District.

The Superintendent’s contract shall be considered for renewal at a meeting prior to the April Board meeting. It is the responsibility of the Board President to see that the Superintendent’s contract is properly executed and signed. A copy of the contract shall be on file at the Board office.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference: MCL 15.268(8f); 38.91; 380.471a; 380.1246; 380.623(b), 380.653, 380.1229, 380.1246; OAG #5183


The Board of Education believes that, in general, it is the primary duty of the Board to establish policies and of the Superintendent to administer such policies. The Superintendent should be given the latitude to determine the best method of implementing the policies of the Board.

The Superintendent, as the chief administrative officer of the Intermediate School District, is the primary professional advisor to the Board. He/she is responsible for the development, supervision, and operation of the school program and facilities. His/her methods should be made known to the staff through the administrative guidelines of the District. The Board shall retain oversight supervision of such administrative guidelines.

The Superintendent, and those administrators directed by the Superintendent shall attend all Board meetings, when feasible. Administrative participation shall be by professional counsel, guidance, and recommendation ‑ as distinct from deliberation, debate, and voting of Board members.

The Board is responsible for determining the success of the Superintendent in meeting the goals established by the Board through annual evaluations of the Superintendent's performance. The Board, in formulating its position with regard to the performance of the Superintendent, shall rely, whenever possible, on the objective outcomes of its evaluations, rather than on subjective opinions.

Approved:       December 11, 2002     Legal Reference: MCL 380.1805; Thompson v District Bd of School Dist No 1 of Moorland in, 252 Mich 629; 323 NW 439 (1930) AG Opinion #1926, 1928


The Board shall offer the Superintendent encouragement and assistance for his/her professional development. The Board shall encourage him/her to attend educational conferences, seminars, workshops and other professional meetings; visit other school systems; and use other means to keep abreast of modern educational thought and practice.

Approved:       December 11, 2002     Legal Reference: MCL 380.1246(2); 380.1254; 380.1525; OAG, 1977-1978, No 5272, p 365 (February 24, 1978)

2200  CONSULTING ACTIVITIES (Cf. 5645)         

The Superintendent shall devote his/her time, skill, labor, and attention to the direction and supervision of the District and, during the term of his/her employment, shall not be engaged in any other business. 

By agreement with the Board, the Superintendent may undertake, for remuneration, consultative work, speaking engagements, writing, lecturing, membership, and office in educational organizations, or other professional duties and obligations.

Approved:       December 11, 2002


The Board of Education believes it is essential that it evaluate the Superintendent's performance periodically in order to assist both the Board and the Superintendent in the proper discharge of the his/her responsibilities and to enable the Board to provide the District with the best possible leadership.

Before the April meeting, the Board shall evaluate the performance of the Superintendent. Such evaluation shall include an assessment of:

a. The progress toward the educational goals of the District;

b. The working relationship between the Board and the Superintendent;

c. The Board's own effectiveness in providing direction to the Superintendent.

Such assessments will be based on defined quality expectations developed by the Board for each criteria being assessed.

The Board and the Superintendent, jointly, at the outset of each evaluation, determine the method by which the evaluation shall be conducted. Such method may include:

a.  The Superintendent's own self‑analysis of the current status of the District;
b.  The active participation of each Board member;
c.  The recommendation of a Board committee, after meeting(s) with the Superintendent;
d.  The compilation of assessments on a prepared standard form by individual Board members, which shall then be reviewed jointly by the Board and the Superintendent;
e.  Evaluation interviews between the Board and Superintendent during which no other business is discussed;
f.  The Superintendent's assessment of Board efficiency and effectiveness; and

g. The Board and Superintendent may meet in Closed Session, at the request of the Superintendent for the summary evaluation. After the Superintendent’s summary evaluation has been prepared by the Board, the Board shall adopt, by vote, the summary evaluation at an open meeting.  After the Board’s adoption, the Superintendent’s summary evaluation shall be made available as provided under current law.

As an outcome of the evaluation of the Superintendent's performance, the Board should be prepared to judge the advisability of retention of the Superintendent and:

a.  Be helped in the determination of the Superintendent's salary;
b.  Identify strengths and weaknesses in District operations and determine means by which weaknesses can be reduced while strengths are maintained;
c.  Establish specific objectives, the achievement of which will advance the District toward its goals; and
d.  Be better able to improve its own performance as the public body ultimately charged with the educational responsibility of this District.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference: MCL 15.268; 15.243(1) (m); OAG, 1977-1978, No 5262, p 338 (January 31, 1978); OAG, 1979-1980, No 5608, p 496 (December 17, 1979); OAG, 1989-1990, No 6668, p 409 (November 28, 1990)


The Board of Education has an obligation to the citizens of this District to employ the professional leadership best trained and equipped to meet the educational needs of their children. It shall meet that obligation by retaining a highly qualified person as Superintendent for this District.

If the services of the Superintendent are found to be unsatisfactory to the Board, he/she shall be notified by the President and given an opportunity to correct the conditions. Unless written notice of non-renewal of a contract is given at least 90 days before the termination of the contract, the contract is renewed for an additional one-year period, by law.

The contract of the Superintendent may be terminated during its term in accordance with the statutory process.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference: MCL 380.132; 380.247; 380.346


The Board authorizes and directs the Superintendent to accept all employee resignations on behalf of the District. Upon acceptance, resignations shall be irrevocable. The Superintendent shall inform the Board of any resignations on a monthly basis.

Approved: December 11, 2002           Legal Reference: MCL 38.111; 380.1131; 380.1231


The Board shall employ such administrative personnel, as the needs of the District require.

2400.1   Compensation Guides and Contracts

All administrative personnel shall be compensated for their services in conformity with an administrative salary as determined by the Board.

2400.2   Qualifications and Duties

The Superintendent shall develop appropriate job descriptions for each administrative position in the District.  Such documents shall be filed in the central office.

2400.3 Orientation

The Superintendent shall conduct an appropriate administrative orientation program designed to acquaint such personnel with the District, Board policies, duties and responsibilities and other such activities as time and the needs of the District require.

2400.4   Supervision

The Superintendent shall be responsible for the supervision of all administrative personnel.

2400.5   Job Descriptions

The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent to maintain job descriptions which shall be brief, factual, and, wherever possible, generically descriptive of similar jobs.

The job description for the Superintendent shall be defined as a policy of the Board. All other job descriptions shall be defined as administrative guidelines of the Superintendent.

Revisions to job descriptions shall be reviewed with the employees affected before their use.

Each employee will be provided with a copy of his/her job description at the time of employment and given any revisions thereto.

Employees will be evaluated, at least in part, against their job descriptions.

2400.6 Time Schedules

Administrative time schedules and workloads will be dictated by the terms of the employment contract and by assigned responsibilities.

2400.7 Temporary Administrators

The Superintendent shall designate a staff member to serve as chief administrator of the District in his/her absence.

2400.8   Personnel

The administrative staff shall fill only those positions authorized by the Board.

2400.9   Travel Expense

Travel expense for administrative staff shall be provided in accordance with 3600.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference: MCL 38.91


All administrative personnel shall be evaluated in writing annually by the Superintendent or by their supervisor. The administrator’s evaluation can be reviewed by the Board and shall be made available to those authorized by law when so requested.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference: MCL 15.231-244; 15.268


It is the policy of the Board of Education that the District will not discriminate against any person based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, height, weight, marital status, handicap, age, or disability. The District reaffirms its long-standing policy of compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination including, but not limited to, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000d. et seq.; and 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000e, et seq.; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. §§ 1681, et seq.; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. § 794; The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. §§ 1210, et seq.; the Handicappers’ Civil Rights Act, MCL §§ 37.1101, et seq.; and the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, MCL §§ 37.2101, et seq.

The administrator in charge of Special Education is appointed the Civil Rights Coordinator regarding complaints of disability/handicap discrimination involving educational services, programs, and activities. The Superintendent is appointed the Civil Rights Coordinator regarding discrimination complaints made by students (grades Pre-K through 12) and/or their parent(s)/guardian(s), and involving sex, race, color, national origin, religion, height, weight, age, or marital status. The Superintendent is appointed the Civil Rights Coordinator regarding all other complaints of discrimination.

Inquiries or complaints by students and/or their parents/guardians related to discrimination based on disability/handicap should be directed to:

The Administrator in Charge of Special Education
COOR Intermediate School District
11051 N. Cut Road
PO Box 827
Roscommon, MI  48653-0827
(989) 275-9555

Inquiries or complaints made by students (grades Pre K through 12) and/or their parent(s)/guardian(s) related to discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, height, weight, age, or marital status should be directed to:

The Superintendent of Schools
COOR Intermediate School District
11051 N. Cut Road
PO Box 827
Roscommon, MI  48653-0827
(989) 275-9538

All other inquiries related to discrimination should be directed to:

The Superintendent of Schools
COOR Intermediate School District
11051 N. Cut Road
PO Box 827
Roscommon, MI  48653-0827
(989) 275-9538

The Civil Rights Coordinators, as specified herein, are designated to receive and resolve complaints from any person who believes that he/she may have been discriminated against in violation of this policy. Any person who believes he/she has been discriminated against in violation of this policy should file a written complaint with the Civil Rights Coordinator within ten (10) calendar days of the alleged violation. The Civil Rights Coordinator will take the following action: First, cause an investigation of the complaint to be commenced. Second, arrange for a meeting to occur with the complainant, which may include School District staff who are knowledgeable of the facts and circumstances of the particular complaint or who have particular expertise that will assist in resolving the complaint. Third, complete the investigation of the complaint and provide, in writing, a reply to the complainant. If the Civil Rights Coordinator determines that a violation has occurred, he/she shall propose a fair resolution of the complaint and deliver the determination to the complainant and the Superintendent. In the event the complaint is against the Superintendent, a copy of the determination shall be delivered to the President of the Board of Education. The complainant may appeal the Civil Rights Coordinator’s determination to the Superintendent, or, in the case of a complaint against the Superintendent, to the President of the Board, by so notifying the Superintendent or Board President in writing within the (10) calendar days of the Civil Rights Coordinator’s determination. The Superintendent or Board President may conduct additional investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the complaint.

The Board President may elect to secure the services of an outside party to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding any complaint against the Superintendent. The Superintendent, or Board President in the case of a complaint against the Superintendent, shall affirm or reverse the Civil Rights Coordinator’s decision and, if warranted, implement the Civil Rights Coordinator’s proposed resolution or a modification thereof.  The Superintendent or Board President's decision shall be final.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the Civil Rights Coordinator’s written decision, he/she may appeal to the Superintendent. If not satisfied, complainant may appeal to the Office for Civil Rights, Department of Education, Washington, D.C. 20202.


In order that pertinent Board policies and administrative rules/regulations or procedures are known by all staff members and students, District administrators and directors are granted authority to develop and issue staff and student handbooks.

The Superintendent shall review all handbooks prior to publication to ensure that the contents conform completely to Board policy and current law.

Approved:       December 11, 2002


(Cf. 2170, 5190, 5330)           

Line and staff administrators of the District shall make every effort to stay abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields. The Board may require or otherwise encourage administrators to attend summer sessions, conferences, workshops, or other activities that will directly benefit the District’s schools. 

Expenses of tuition, (at a pre-established rate), room and Board, travel, and other incidental expenses, will be paid by the District to attend State, national and local meetings approved by the Superintendent in accordance with money budgeted for this purpose; to attend periodic in-service workshops sponsored by the District; to improve skills in personnel management, supervision and improvement of instruction, public relations and other aspects of school management. Whenever feasible, building administrations should participate with their staff.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference:   MCL 380.1525


The administrative staff shall carry out and enforce all policies duly adopted by the Board and all regulations of state authorities.

Failure of any administrative employee to implement the policies of the Board may result in suspension, demotion, probation, or other action.

Approved:       December 11, 2002

2750 ADMINISTRATIVE RULES (Cf. 1570, 5140)

2750.1   Development of Administrative Rules

The Board of Education delegates to the Superintendent the function of designing and implementing the guidelines, required actions, and detailed arrangements under which the District will operate. The administrative guidelines shall be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board.

The Board itself will formulate and adopt administrative guidelines and rules only when required by law, or when the Superintendent recommends actual Board adoption.

In the development of rules/regulations, procedures and arrangements for the operation of the District, the Superintendent shall include representatives at the planning stage who will be affected by such provisions.

The Superintendent may also issue such administrative and student handbooks as he/she may consider necessary for the effective administration of the schools and distribute them to employees and students and/or their parents/guardians.

As long as the provisions of these administrative guidelines and handbooks are consistent with Board policies or with federal/state law, they will be considered an extension of the policy manual and binding upon all employees and students.

A copy of the District's administrative guidelines manual and a copy of each handbook shall be made a part of the Board's reference materials maintained in the District office.

The Superintendent shall maintain a current organizational chart to which immediate reference can be made by the Board or any employee of the Board. (Cf. 2020)

2750.2 Rules Adoption

All administrative rules/regulations or procedures, which originate from the administrative staff must be approved by the Superintendent before adoption or modification. All administrative rules/regulations or procedures recommended by the Superintendent shall be reviewed but need not be approved by the administrative staff before implementation.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference: MCL 380.601a


The District may agree to indemnify, save harmless and defend a current or prior Board member, Superintendent or other administrator from claims, actions, suits (civil or criminal) and judgments caused by his/her action if the action:

a.   Was taken in good faith within the course of employment, or serving on the Board; and

b.   Was within the scope of his/her authority.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference:  MCL 691.1408


 (Cf. 8670)

Whenever possible, medications for students and consumers should be taken in the home environment. As a service to the family, student, or persons  served, the Superintendent shall establish procedures for the administration of medication by school personnel in circumstances where such administration is deemed necessary for the individual’s well-being  by the individual’s family, physician or representative.

Any and all “biohazards” generated, such as, but not limited to: sharps, bandages, gauze, towelettes, and discarded live or attenuated vaccines, due to the administration of medications by school personnel shall be disposed of in accordance with the Michigan Medical Waste Regulatory Act, 1978 PA 368, R 325.1545(10). Students who “self administer” medications shall be responsible for returning any biohazardous wastes to their home for student/parent/guardian disposal. The Superintendent shall be responsible for providing staff members with written procedures to implement this requirement.

A school administrator, teacher or other school employee authorized to do so by the school administrator, may administer medication to a pupil in the presence of another adult employee or in an emergency that threatens the life or health of the pupil, pursuant to written permission of the pupil’s parent(s) or guardian(s), and in compliance with, the written instructions of a physician. If the employee is a licensed registered professional nurse, medications may be administered without another adult present. It is recognized that medication will continue to be taken independently by pupils who are competent to do so in their parent’s/guardians judgment without involvement of the schools. 

2780.1   Management of Students with Asthma in the School Setting

The District will honor the parental/guardian request and doctor's written instructions that allow a child to carry and self-medicate for asthma. If needed, school administrators may have direct communication with the child's health care provider in order to resolve individual problems that may arise because of a child's asthma. All staff shall be informed about the early warning signs of an acute asthma episode and should be aware of emergency procedures and contacts in case a child needs medical assistance. Copies of the "Signs of an asthma emergency," as published by the Michigan Department of Education, will be distributed to all staff and shall be posted on appropriate bulletin Boards in school buildings.

2780.2 Exercise Induced Asthma Attacks

Teachers and support staff are to be informed that exercise can induce acute episodes for many students with asthma. The administration shall inform school staffs, who are responsible for students during physical activity, of the identity of those students who have exercise-induced asthma. A child with exercise-induced asthma shall be allowed to stop any physical activity if they are having difficulty.

The Superintendent will promulgate rules and guidelines to implement this policy.

2780.2 Diabetic Emergencies

Staff shall be made aware of the symptoms of a diabetic emergency.  Staff with diabetic students should know the signs of possible side effects of diabetic medications, and also be aware which side effects are serious enough to warrant reporting to the child’s parent(s)/guardian(s) or health provider.

Approved:  December 11, 2002, Amended March 9, 2016

Legal Reference: MCL 380.1178; MCL380.1179; OAG, 1979-1980, No 5679, p 7-0 (April 11, 1980); OAG, 1993, No 6746, (January 13, 1993); MDE Bulletin, October 18, 1999, PA 378, 1978, Medical Waste Regulatory Act, R 325.1545(2)


The Superintendent is hereby designated as the official District contact Person for receiving information from law enforcement[1], prosecutors, and courts relative to any matters concerning school crime and violence in the COOR Intermediate School District.  The Superintendent shall see that a file of all incident reports or law enforcement records is kept in accordance with law and the Statewide School Safety Information Policy.

 2790.1  Incidents to be Reported

Reportable incidents for purposes of this policy shall be those as listed in the "Index of Reportable Incidents" as found in the School Safety Response Guide published in the Statewide School Safety Policy.

Incidents reported involving students of the District shall be reviewed under the District's Student Code of Conduct relative to possible disciplinary consequences up to and including expulsion.

Local Agreement to Share School Safety Information 

The COOR Intermediate School District shall endeavor to enter into an agreement with Districts within the COOR ISD to share school safety information. The Superintendent shall contact other school Districts within the COOR ISD in an effort to solicit their commitment to such an agreement.

Approved: December 11, 2002           Legal Reference: MCL 380.1308


The District shall establish and maintain a system of records as required by law and as necessary or pertinent to the performance of any function related to the operation of the District.

In addition to those records required to be kept by law, the Superintendent shall be responsible for the designing and keeping of such other records as are necessary for the efficient operation of the District.

Records shall be stored as a blend of printed, bound and electronically recorded (i.e., audio tape, video tape, micro-fiche, computer disk) material. The securing, cataloging and storing of all records shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent.

Approved:  September 9, 2009

Legal Reference:  MCL 15.231 et seq. (Freedom of Information Act); MCL 380.601a; 380.623; 380.862; MDE Bulletin 522 - Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for Michigan Public Schools, revised Sept. 2006


In order for government to function administratively, undergo periodic audits, provide for its legal requirements and document its heritage, it must manage its records properly. Therefore, the C.O.O.R. Intermediate School District requires its employees to retain and destroy e-mail messages that are sent and received in the course of conducting official business in accordance with the “Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries Records Management Services Electronic Mail Retention Guidelines” Retention and Disposal Schedule.

Approved: September 9, 2009


The Superintendent shall establish and publish rules for public inspection and copying of records in accord with the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, and shall serve as FOIA Coordinator for the District. Inspection of records by the public shall be limited to the regular office hours of the building or office that houses the records. Copies of records that are not exempt from disclosure will be available on request.

 2810.1 Fees

The Superintendent shall charge a fee to cover actual costs of providing access to and/or copies of public records in accord with law, except that disclosure to any of the following person(s) is in the public interest and shall be exempt from the first $20.00 of fees incurred in a school fiscal year:

  • News media organization for dissemination to the public;
  • A member of the Board;
  • A minor for use in a school or community organization civics  project (ex. Boy Scout Citizenship merit badge), and/or
  • Other person(s) approved by the Superintendent.

     2810.2 Appeals

If a request for disclosure of record(s) is denied, procedures for appeal of the decision shall be provided along with the denial.

Approved:  December 11, 2002          Legal Reference: MCL 15.231 et seq. (Freedom of Information Act)

[1]   For the purposes of this policy, "law enforcement" means:  A regularly employed member of a police force of a city, county, township or village, the Michigan State Police, or a Michigan Indian tribal police force, who is responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement of the general criminal laws of this state.