Section 6000 - Negotiations


 (This section on negotiations is confined to professional employees negotiating under the Public Employment Relations Act, MCL 423.201 et seq.)

6001    Goals and Objectives

6050    Recognition of Bargaining Units

6100    Board Negotiating Agent

6400    Contract Ratification




The Board recognizes its legal obligation to negotiate wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment with duly and legally recognized employee groups.  It is the intent of the Board and its authorized representatives to adhere to the confines of the law and to discharge its obligations in an orderly and positive manner within the restrictions of the Public Employment Relations Act.

It is the intent of the Board to participate in the negotiations process in order to maintain the primary function of the District, which is the education of students.

Approved:       December 11, 2002

LEGAL REF: MCL 423.201


The Board shall not recognize by stipulation any bargaining unit within the District.  All units desiring recognition by the Board shall do so through an election conducted by the Michigan Employees Relations Commission as provided by statute.

Approved:       December 11, 2002

LEGAL REF: MCL 423.212-214


The Board may designate the Superintendent or an outside agent as its bargaining agent for purposes of negotiating with the recognized bargaining units. The Board may appoint members of the Board to constitute a resource council to the negotiations team. The Superintendent may appoint other administrators to the negotiations team. The Board gives its negotiating agent the necessary power and authority to make proposals, consider proposals, and make concessions in the course of negotiations. The negotiating agent shall submit any tentative agreement to the Board for final ratification.

Approved:       December 11, 2002

LEGAL REF: MCL 423.211


Before the ratification of any negotiated master contract, the Superintendent shall conduct or direct a thorough proofreading of all substantive changes to the master contract.

The Superintendent shall forward the final draft of any substantive changes to the negotiated master contract, along with a front “summary sheet” outlining those contract articles that have been substantively changed, to each Board member not less than three (3) calendar days before the Board’s scheduled ratification meeting.  Unless noted on the list of changes to the master agreement, or the summary sheet, the Board shall assume that other sections of the master contract remain unchanged, with the possible exception of non-substantive, minor spelling, grammatical, punctuation, or format corrections.

Approved:       December 11, 2002